DIY Mold Removal – Cleaning Products And Safety Procedures

Black mold, a common household pest, is a toxic and potentially dangerous fungus. Because it is often hard to distinguish between regular mold and black mold, it is best to treat all mold growth as a threat. Further, it is important to understand the warning signs and symptoms of black mold, both on your home and on your health.First things first; why would you let black mold grow in your house in the first place? Taking precautionary measures is better and cheaper than removal. Let us list a few of the most common triggers and preventive measures of black mold growth.

– Places where there might be moisture, e.g. bathrooms, plumbing leakage, basements which flood, or cracks or holes in walls which might have moisture in them

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– Reducing moisture by improving ventilation within the house or using dehumidifiers, especially during water related activities, like washing

– Finally, knowledge of weather changes and how they may affect mold growth

I agree that there isn’t much that can be done to prevent black mold growth but even these measures can ensure black mold prevention. Alright, what if you already have a toxic mold problem; how do you deal with it?

Note should be taken that you should consider professional help if you are unsure, or at least wear the sufficient protective gear during mold removal, such as safety goggles, nonporous rubber gloves and disposable dust mask. The best and the easiest solution to black mold removal is vinegar. Vinegar is a reliable disinfectant and is known to kill bacteria, germs and molds effectively. Pour or spray some distilled white vinegar on black mold and scrub off black mold, which might be present on any hard surface. Alternatively, you can also use three teaspoons of tea tree oil mixed in 3 cups of water to make an effective substitute and get on with the scrubbing.

Non-permeable materials are more of a hassle comparatively, e.g. plastic, glass, rubber, etc. It is preferred that you seal the room with plastic sheets and tapes before you begin. Spray either vinegar or the tea tree oil solution on to the moldy surfaces and leave it for at least 24 hours. After you have waited for 24 hours, use your preferred detergent to wash the mold off.

During the cleaning processes, try to keep the mold wet as its releases airborne spores, which even though would die because of vinegar but might still cause allergic reactions. 

Once you are done, dry the area with a dehumidifier to prevent any future growth of mold. Dispose off the material you used for cleaning the mold by sealing it in a plastic bag.

Items like furniture are quite impossible to completely get rid of mold. Unless you are willing to put an extra effort and time to save that sofa which reminds you of someone special, it is wise and easier to discard it than saving it. Instead of moving the objects through the house to cause more mold contamination, it is better to flip them out the window.

If you are thinking of why to go through all this trouble to remove black mold rather than just use the chemicals to kill it, be assured that it can grow again in those places and even if not so, the dead spores can cause severe health issues in people with allergies and respiratory problems. If the area of contamination is large, it is advisable that you call for professional help.

Hiring a Water Damage Restoration Company For Your Home

Water damage can take many forms and when it happens to your home you need to call in the experts for clean-up duty. Here we look at some things to think about when you start the process to find a water damage restoration company.

At some point in time, water damage may affect your home. Your roof might leak or a pipe could break or a rainstorm could cause a flood. If the damage is minimal then you should not have any trouble cleaning up yourself. On the other hand, if the damage is more considerable then it may be wise to leave the clean up to a qualified water damage restoration company. A professional damage restoration can help you to get your house back in order.

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What you may not realize is that after a house has been exposed to a tremendous quantity of water and has been made vulnerable it then becomes a hazard. The reason for this is because large volumes of out of control water pose health risks as well as structural risks which is why such a problem needs to be dealt with very shortly after it occurs.

Damage in a home caused by water leads to dampness and humidity which in turn encourages the growth of mildew and mold. These toxic substances can lead to the development of immune disorders and pathogenic diseases. Mildew and mold can cause allergic reactions to develop which can cause everything from chronic fatigue to rashes to asthma to nausea to headaches, dizziness and a sense of being disoriented.

You just never know when your home could fall victim to the damage wrought by water. That is why it is wise to consult with an expert to learn all that you need to about what can happen when water damages your home.

The water damage restoration company you want to hire is one that trains their employees very well and is well acquainted with clean ups from floods, restoration, mold removal and sewage removal. If the company is able to respond to whatever type of water damage has occurred in your home then that is a very good sign. Ask a representative of the company for referrals. Be sure to check them out before you hire a damage restoration firm to work for you. It is always beneficial to find out about the experiences that other individuals have had with a particular business.

The work of the company you choose should be twofold. Not only should they be able to help you with the damages your house has sustained but they should also be able to help you with your dealings with your insurance company. If the water damage is relatively minor then you may not need to file a claim with the insurance company but if the damage is more substantial then you need to find a restoration business that has worked with insurance providers in the past and knows how to deal with the difficult ones. Whatever the job requires is what the company you hire should be able to accomplish for you. You want to find a versatile and multipurpose water damage service provider.

The damage restoration service should be well equipped to clean up whatever mess has taken place. It might be repair or renovation work that you require or you might have a broken pipe or sewage that needs to be removed. Perhaps it is debris removal, mold removal or the elimination of odors. The business should also be able to help with the replacement of hardwood flooring and other types of flooring, rugs and tiles.