April 29, 2013

wish list: ruby red slippers

Ruby Red Slippers

It may be a wizard of oz thing (no it totally is), but I have this fascination with red shoes. Red commands attention and signifies power and has for some time, dating all the way back to Louis XIV’s reign (1638-1715) when courtiers wore red heels to distinguish themselves from other aristocrats.

Today, thanks to Christian Louboutin, red shoes are a fashion elevation amongst stylish women. Nothing makes me feel sexier or more in control of my day than wearing a pair of gorgeous red heels, like the ones on my wish list above.

Happy Monday everyone! Here’s something to start your week off right…

Ryan Gosling_laughing gif

… just because he’s adorable.

  • Ainsley

    My mother always said that every woman needs to have a pair of red shoes! And I agree with you, red shoes make you feel powerful and sexy!

    • a staple in any woman’s shoe closet!

  • Alicia

    Ryan Gosling Giggling + Ruby Red Slippers = Perfect Monday Post

  • Marge

    Gorgeous red shoes and Ryan Gosling….winning combination that’ll certainly chase this rainy day away!!