December 3, 2014

winter beauty favourites

life in blush winter favourites

I was at dinner with a bunch of my closest friends and one of them asked me to do a post on the top 5 products I couldn’t live without.

Trimming it down to just 5 would take some kind of vision quest to figure out as there are quite a few that would ignite a panic attack if they were ever discontinued.

So while I ponder that eternal question, here are the 10 things I’ve been using, and flipping loving, so far this winter:

  1. Nūdus 27 Kisses lipstick ($32) & Ilia Beauty Linger lipstick ($29)
  2. Karin Gran Limited Edition Holiday Lip Whip – Nice ($20 for 7ml)
  3. Alima Pure Satin Matte Eyeliner – Black ($14)
  4. Treat Collection Velvet & Sequins nail polish ($19)
  5. Kari Gran Mineral blush ($17 for 4.5g)
  6. Josh Rosebrook Oculus Formula ($70 for 10ml)
  7. The 7 Virtues Patchouli of Rwanda ($70 for 50ml)
  8. Osmia Protein Exfoliating Mask ($40)
  9. Odylique ‘Gentle Herb‘ shampoo ($20; save 15% with code: ODYL1)
  10. Province ApothecaryCustom‘ face serum ($60 for 15ml)


  • I think we all love the 27 Kisses, it’s just amazing!<3 xx

  • I can’t believe that I have yet to try many of these products! I am coveting Nūdus, Kari Gran, Treat, and Province Apothecary especially.

    • Treat yo self this holiday season girl! Especially to a Treat nail polish; honestly I’ve never had a nail polish last as long as these ones 🙂 xx