April 20, 2015

what’s in my makeup bag: dinner edition

my makeup dinner edition

Going out to dinner with friends has to be one of the greatest pleasures in life. Delicious food, even more delicious wine and laughing until you can’t breathe … there’s nothing not to love about it.

When I head out for the night my purse is never without a few makeup items, but I tend to pack smart and light.

The only two things I need are a cream bronzer and the lipstick I chose for that night.

Why those two? If you couple a sun-kissed look with an attention grabbing lip then you’ll always look fresh and gorgeous all night long.

my makeup dinner edition_ilia beauty pink moon

If you’re planning  a night out soon (or want to book a Mother’s Day brunch!), my favourite site to use is OpenTable Toronto which makes ensuring the resto you want on the night you want it is a no-brainer.

  • Pink Moon is absolutely stunning! I’m so excited to try the collab between Ilia and DesignSponge.