June 3, 2013

warm or cool kinda lady?


During my weekend coffee run I overheard two girls trying to figure out what undertone they had and I realized my neat little trick had to be shared!

jewellery test – dig out your gold and silver jewellery, grab a friend or get in front of a mirror. What makes you look more radiant? Cool undertones rock silver/white metals, while those with warm undertones shine best in gold/yellow.           

clothes test – for this you will need rust/orange, blue, white and ivory/cream clothes. Drape each one around your neck and see how it makes you look. Does the orange make you look sun-kissed, or sort of peaked? Does the blue evoke feelings of “I look good!”, or do you feel you look worn out? Which of the light shades makes your skin glow: the ivory or the white? If blue and white are your colors, you’re cool; if rust and cream are best, you’re warm; or if you’re neutral you’re somewhere in between and can dabble in both closets (which makes me extremely envious of you!)

make-up guide:

warm ladies – look for brick reds, roses and corals.Your foundation should be yellow based and you’ll rock earth tones like olives, brown, and rusts.

cool ladies – you’ll do best with cooler pinks (like fuchsia) and brighter or truer reds.Your foundation should be pink based and jewel tones like blues, violets, and emerald green probably look amazing on you.

If you’re still struggling to figure out what undertone you are I hope this helps!

  • margie

    Now we know…jewelry, clothes, and make-up choices depend on your undertone…great tips, thanks!