May 8, 2015

video-chats: give me your suggestions!

life in blush lets chat

Happy Friday lovelies! When I first started life in blush I had every intention of video blogging as well, but time got away from me and here we are two years later and I’ve only done one video (click here)! Shameful, I know.

But I’m going to change all of that.

From now on you’re going to see a lot more of me video chatting with you guys and as I draw up a list of ideas on what to talk about I want to hear from you!

Is there a product you want me to review? A topic you want my opinion on? Do you want me to cover latest trends, health and nutrition strategies, makeup how-to’s or something else?

Leave me a comment below and let me know what you want to see me chat talk about!

Thanks for joining me this week blushers, have an awesome weekend! xo

  • Sarah Iles

    Hi Sonja, love your blog! Fellow pale Canadian, and I’m wondering if you have ever thought of doing a video on Silk Naturals products? They have so many lip products, I’d like to order from them, but I’m not sure where to start!

    • Thanks so much Sarah!! I haven’t experienced Silk Naturals yet, but I’ll have to look into them. I see from their ingredient list they have “FD&C colour” which I’ll have to research more to ensure there’s nothing nasty hiding in there. Thanks for putting it on my radar! xx

  • I think you’re crooked smile would totally be a bonus! It would like your calling card haha. Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll for sure do a video on skincare tips that incorporate healthy eating 🙂 xo

  • Like Nic, I’d love to see some makeup tutorials as well as your skincare tips. I’m excited for your endeavors in this platform!

    • Thanks so much Megan and thank for the suggestion!

  • Nic Gustafsson

    Yay! Awesome! I’d love to hear you chat about products you’re loving, what they’re good for as well as some make up tutorials. I’m a SERIOUS novice when it comes to make up so would be great to see what others get up to, especially in the eye dept 🙂 Looking forward to seeing more of your beautiful face on screen 😀 xx

    • Got it 😀 Thanks for your input Nic, really appreciate it!! xo