February 10, 2014

very valero ‘natural beauty’ giveaway

life in blush and very valero giveaway

What better way to end one contest (click here to see the winner of the Living Libations giveaway) then to start another?! I’m so excited that Rebecca Valero, an up-and-coming Toronto jewelry designer, generously offered to not only gift one of her Very Valero pieces, but to design one especially for this giveaway!

Very Valero has been spotted on CTV’s The Marilyn Dennis Show as well as on actress America Olivio, who has worn her earrings to more than one movie premiere.

Regardless of how you feel about Valentine’s Day -dumb hallmark holiday or super into it – Rebecca and I thought everyone loves to feel pretty so here’s what you’re playing for:

  • prize: one custom designed necklace from very valero, perfectly named ‘natural beauty’
  • description: crafted using tagua nuts slices, agate gemstone, nickel free chain. Tagua,  a rainforest nut known as vegetable ivory for its likeness to animal ivory, has a smooth and hard texture which makes it an ideal medium for carving jewelry.
  • how to enter: follow the instructions in the Rafflecopter widget below. The contest is open to Canadian and US residents and ends Friday, February 14 at 12am.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

  • Christie

    I have a few pieces. They are unique and fashionable enough to pop off any outfit

    • lifeinblush

      totes agree!

  • So pretty! I love the Beauty Drop earrings as well!

    • lifeinblush

      agreed! it’s hard not to want it all 😀

  • Margie

    What a gorgeous necklace! Made from rain forest Tagua nuts which are hard like ivory….really do learn something new with every one of your posts!! 🙂

    • lifeinblush

      thank you! xoxo