February 4, 2014

valentine’s day sweet picks

valentine day sweet treat picks

Valentine’s Day can either makes you feel giddy or recoil in horror, but rather than look at it as an over-commercialized hallmark holiday I see it as the perfect reason to spoil yourself, your best girlfriends, or anyone else in your life that you love to bits. Here are a few things I’m loving extra hard right now.

  1. metallic heart stir sticks. love in a cup anyone? ($20)
  2. prettiest pink ombre tassel ($72)
  3. wild-crafted, healthy & pretty unique chocolate (starting at $4.86)
  4. radiant love butter ($24.65 *on sale*)
  5. delicate zodiac double ring ($69)
  6. sex oil that double as a body oil ($18 *until Feb 14 get a free lip balm too!*)
  7. versatile flats ($59.50)
  8. perfume with a social conscious (starting at $70; click here for my review)



  • oh dear. now you’ve got me surfing on zara’s. and writing e.e. cummings style. am i to buy everything you write about? something in my head just went yes! 🙂 xo

    • lifeinblush

      umm the answer is always ‘yes’… 😉

      p.s. whenever I start a new bottle of something when there are plenty of older half full bottles lying around I think of you. It’s hard not to want to try it all at the same time! hope you’re having a great week! xo

      • at least they’re half full and not half empty – lol :-)))