December 8, 2014

uncle peter’s man: double duty dude gifts

uncle peters man holiday giftsThere’s no shortage of recommendations I can spout off at a moment’s notice when I get asked about women’s skincare products, but when I’m asked the same question about brands for men I find myself suddenly at a loss for words (shocking I know).

olivia wilde

But since I met Young Lee, the vibrant, hilarious and incredibly sweet co-creater of Uncle Peter’s Man I suddenly can answer that same ‘do you have any recos’ question more enthusiastically.

hell yeah

Uncle Peter’s Man is a natural skincare line for men  that keeps things really simple.

In addition to being free of parabens, phthalates, DEA and DEA compounds, synthetic colours or fragrances, sodium lauryl sulfate / sodium laureth sulfate, propylene glycol, mineral oil and artificial colours this line is also hand crafted in small batches in Toronto using high quality ingredients (sourcing certified organic wherever possible).

What I like about Uncle Peter’s Man is that every product is multi-purpose. Having talked to many guy friends I know they don’t relish in the pampering effect a 5-step skincare regime like women do. They want a product that does it all. And preferably makes them breakfast afterwards too.

If you’re struggling with what to give your father, brother, guy friend or lover boy for the holidays take a look at what Uncle Peter’s Man has to offer him:

Uncle Peter’s Man Holiday Gifts

  1. The Closer Gift Pack 416: all dressed up and ready to go this set contains the Double Duty Soldier Scrub and The 3Pete 416 (face, beard & aftershave oil) for $54.99
  2. The 3Pete 2x Sample: let him try out both face/beard/aftershave oils for $19.99! They make the perfect stocking stuffer and will keep his mug looking fresh.
  3. The Bar A.M: a fresh lemon, lime and herbal sage soap that’s ready to be used for the face, body or to prep the whiskers for a shave. ($13.99)
  4. The Closer Gift Pack 647: similar to the Gift Pack 416, this set contains the Double Duty Soldier Scrub and The 3Pete 647 (face, beard & aftershave oil) for $54.99

If you’re curious to know more about what kind of brand Uncle Peter’s Man is just take a look at their hard-core rules. It pretty much sums up how awesome they are and why I’ll be keeping them on my radar.

  • k.i.s.s more – yes also smooching when you like them (that’s all good) but keep it simple stupid is good practice and that means simple, uncomplicated products for consumers.
  • Never tradeoff high quality & good-for-you ingredients for the sake of more profit.
  • Support local businesses as much as possible, our economy is important so we like to show some love.
  • Give generously when you can (it really feels good!) And support a cause you believe in.
  • Keep it real by being good to yourself – mind & body and all things wellness. Work hard but play hard too.
  • Be good to mother nature- she’s not messing around anymore.
  • Bring more awareness & education around the impact of toxic ingredients.
  • Call your mother more often (yup still working on that).

Impressive huh?