June 9, 2014

treating my nails to poppies & peonies

treat collection in poppies and peonies_1

Happy Monday blushers! Was this past weekend not the best?! There was so much beautiful sun to soak up that I hope all of you got the chance to get outside.

Personally, once the hot weather hits I like to change my nail colour regime from more pale, demure colours to that of vibrancy and sass! And I couldn’t think of a more vibrant colour to help compliment my current obsession for filling my place full of peonies than ‘poppies & peonies’ by treat collection.

Positioned as ‘berlin cool. hollywood glam’, and founded upon a “5-free” formula (click here for deets), this German line totes 54 shades that are easy to apply, fast drying (my happy discovery) and long lasting -it’s been four days and still chip-free!

With no shortage of options I’ve now got my eye on mint julep, summer time, and velvet & sequins. Which one should I get?!

treat collection in poppies and peonies_2

Buy online or in-store at the detox market ($19 for 10ml)

  • Such a beautiful colour!

    • it really is a happy colour! My friend picked up two more colours that I’ve been lusting after so I can’t wait to find a quiet moment to paint my nails again. The original application lasted 8 DAYS before chipping!

  • Michelle Horgan

    So pretty! Going to have to check that color out!

  • That color. Is phenomenal. Love it!

    • It’s such a juicy pop of colour! Plus this Thursday will be 7 days since I painted them and they’ve yet to chip. Mind. Blown.

      • Dang! That’s awesome!

  • Margie

    What a beautiful summery shade! LOVE the peonies 🙂

  • This brand just popped onto my radar over the last few days. You know how I love nail polish! Glad to read it’s a keeper.

    • haha I do! I think you should add some treats to your nail wall 😉