July 24, 2013

travelling bag of tricks

summer make-up bag

Summertime humidity usually forces this fancy pants lady to scale back her make-up bag. I know the obvious answer to my fix my “why is my face in a puddle on the floor?” beauty challenge is simply to wear no make-up, but ask my sister and she’ll tell you there’s a better chance of Will and Kate naming the boy king Joffrey than me leaving the house without a stitch of make-up on. Throw me on a desert island and I’ll still find a way to cobble together a mascara and a lip gloss.

These days however, whatever goes into my travel make-up bag has to work hard for its right to be there since I’m refuse to schlep around a big bag in my purse.

Here’s what been making the cut this summer:

kjaer weis – a perfect bronzer for my snow white skin, I also use this cream blush on my eyelids for an extra healthy glow. Plus, the silk cloth has saved me when I’ve needed to wipe a spot off my glasses! (full review coming soon!)

home made lip balm – made with manuka honey and moisturizing oils, this beauty not only serves as a lip balm, but also a cuticle and hand cream when I’m in a pinch.

ilia beauty – depending on whether I want to be a bronze goddess or brighten up my face with a pop of colour, neon angel lipstick and iko iko lip crayon never let me down. The other great thing is that they are seriously long-lasting and hydrating.

pure + simple – made with conditioning oils and mineral pigments, this eye pencil is perfect for when I need to tightline my eyes on the go.

bite beauty – sold as a highly pigmented lip pencil, I also use corvina to add a fun sweep of coral colour to my cheeks.

rms beauty

  • ‘un powder’ – my love for this powder knows no bounds. I use it to set my make-up and keep shine at bay. I also like to dust it on between layers of dark lipsticks for added staying power.
  • lip2cheekillusive is a great colour not only for your lips, but for your cheeks as well – giving you a healthy flushed look!
  • living luminizer – organic and highly moisturizing, I dab this  on the tops of my cheek and brow bones for an instant dewy/glowing finish.


  • Lilly

    What a lovely makeup bag… I, too, could not have made it through this Summer without the Un-powder! It’s really a Summer essential! xx

    Lilly, GenuineGlow

    • wholeheartedly agree! It’s ability to make shine disappear for most of the day is almost like magic 🙂

      thanks for the comment Lilly! xo

  • Margie

    A lot of quality goodies packed into a very small bag….makes me want every one!