January 6, 2016

top beauty products of 2015

life in blush favourite beauty products for 2015

Hi guys, happy Wednesday!

I think it’s pretty safe to say that 2015 saw an incredible amount of high calibre green beauty product introductions to the market place (and to me!).

Taking a look back at everything I tried here are the top products that exceeded my expectations, and therefore highly recommend to all of you!

  1. Josh Rosebrook herbal infusion oil ($55 CDN) – click here for review
  2. Und Gretel lipstick (€ 39.00) – sent to me by a dear friend in Berlin I was immediately hooked by the texture, staying power and intense hydration. It felt more like a lip balm than a lipstick!
  3. Sudsatorium soaps ($5.50 CDN)
  4. Oui Shave razor + shaving oil ($65 CDN) – click here for review
  5. Alima Pure mascara ($28 CDN)
  6. Kari Gran lip whip ($15-$20 US) – click here for review
  7. Mabrook & Co deodorant ($16 CDN) – click here for review
  8. MAHALO pele mask ($87 CDN) – click here for review
  9. True Nature Botanicals shampoo + conditioner ($54 US) – click here for review


  • When will I get my hands on the Oui Shave Razor!!

  • Great list of favorites! Lip Whips are some of my favorites as well. I’m a bit obsessed! That Und Gretel lipstick is gorgeous!