July 4, 2014

top 5 summer must haves

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Happy Friday! Garcy Fry, the gorgeous spirit behind Eco Diva Beauty, one of my absolute favourite non-toxic online beauty stores, has just launched a new blog series called “Top 5 Summer Must Haves” that’ll highlight the products us green beauty bloggers can’t live without because dammit if they don’t do an awesome job of bringing out our inherent glow.

cindycrawford(some days when I roll out of bed feeling like death warmed over I’m truly amazed at what a little Kjaer Weis mascara and a pop of Ilia Beauty lipstick colour can do to make me presentable to society)

Yours truly got the series inaugural honour (and am feeling purty chuffed about it) so if you’re curious to know what products I plan to keep within arm’s reach this summer and three fun facts about me that no one knows then click here!

Thanks for joining me this week blushers and have a great weekend! And to all of my blushers in the USA have a fantastic holiday break!! xo

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