May 26, 2015

top 10 beach bag essentials

top 10 beach bag essentials Winter is officially dead to me. I’m no longer rushing home in the dark against the biting winds to cocoon on my couch against the world with a hot mug of tea.

no animated GIF No my friends I am most definitely done with that.

Now as I stroll home in full sunshine I’m thinking about walks down by the waterfront, scheduling time with girlfriends to hit up the hottest new patios in the city and planning my next trip to the sea.

It doesn’t matter if I’m sea-side for a day or a week I have a few beach bag essentials that I pack every time and right now I’m loving these 10 items (which includes a super cute bathing suit from Najaalthough that design is going to give you such a crazy tan line!):

  1. bkr cupcake heart glass water bottle ($44)
  2. J Crew panama hat ($68 USD)
  3. Living Libations everybody loves the sunshine with zinc ($40)
  4. Province Apothecary repair + conditioning lip balm ($8)
  5. Nativa trail mix 3 berry cacao cashew ($6.99)
  6. Ray-Ban aviators classic ($190)
  7. J Crew  farmer’s market tote ($57.50 USD)
  8. Havianas slim furta crocus rose ($36)
  9. Naja taylor crisscross monokini navy ($95 USD)
  10. A beach bag isn’t complete without a good book! Right now I’m reading Women Who Run With the Wolves ($9.92)

*Naja is a brand of luxury lingerie and swimwear I recently discovered that empowers women through their Underwear for Hope program, driven by the sales from their bras and panties, which are made from fabrics that don’t have high toxic levels carcinogens.

  • Summer is coming which means it is time to hit the beach.
    forever wishing i lived near a beach
    to hold all your belongings,you’ll have to choose a good beach bag first.
    You may want to have a look.Haha~

  • Margie

    “When you educate a woman, everything changes.”
    Truly, local communities and the world at large both benefit when women are given the power of education.

  • I love that water bottle and those slippers! Also, Naja’s mission is so inspiring. I’ll have definitely have to check them out as well as the Living Libations everybody loves the sunshine with zinc as I’ve been in search of a good body sunscreen.

  • Love that book 🙂