June 25, 2015

thursday’s thought

life in blush thursdays thought june 25 2015

For those of you who’ve watched House of Cards does this quote not remind you of the relationship Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright’s characters, Frank and Claire, had in Season 1?! I respect the power couple that they were, whatever you may think of their principles.

I love the idea that a relationship can be forged on such equal terms where neither one needs the other to give direction to their lives. They’re already forces to be reckoned with on their own terms and their union only makes them stronger.

When you don’t need someone to rescue you from the project of loving yourself, or finding your own path of success, then you can focus on the sweeter moments in life….getting spoiled and finding just as much joy in doing the spoiling.

  • environment11

    Sister, this is what broke up my last relationship…well, at least one part of it. Love this post! Katie – GPJ

    • Gawd I feel you on that one. You both have to bring equal things to the table and have an equal amount of respect otherwise it’s over before it started. So glad you liked it! xoxo

  • Kat

    I love it. The way it should be right, equal, all love, for both. Respect is love. xo

    • I love that! “Respect is love”‘…how right you are sister 🙂 xo