June 18, 2015

thursday’s thought

life in blush thursdays thought june 18 2015

I’ve always been a science nerd, ever since I was a kid.

To me, the complexity of the body and how it operates is such a wondrous testament to the magic of nature and life.

In addition to pumping blood throughout your body did you know that research has determined your heart has its own brain, a phenomena that’s called neuro-intelligence?

Your heart is the first organ that forms in the body and as it develops it begins to relegate the chemistry in your body.

Our heart interprets the world around us and sends powerful signals to the brain telling it what kind of energy to release to the body in response, like a beautiful dance.

When our heart and brain are in coherence our immune systems are strengthened and our anti-aging hormones increase by 100%*.

See now, isn’t that just pure magic?



  • Trista Jamieson

    Me too! When I was learning anatomy and physiology for massage school, I was always amazed at the way our bodies work. It really solidified my faith, learning how amazingly the body works in all its complexity!

    • Preach! I don’t think the body will ever cease to amaze me 🙂 Have an awesome weekend Trista, thanks for saying hello! xo