May 7, 2015

thursday’s thought

life in blush thursdays thought_may 7 2015 copy

Think about it.

What if the most powerful people on this earth were not the 1% that owns nearly half of world’s wealth, but rather those who reaped the most reward and pleasure from life?

(Like capturing a stunning sunset on film!)

Humans are the only species in this world that pay to live on earth, but if we remove the stress of monetary advancement and instead focus on the pleasure of “being” in the moment would our lives be different?

Would we be happier?

Would we feel more fulfilled?

Would our health improve?

We go to school to learn a skill that will eventually earn us the right to a job that will allow us to buy things to feed the economy (and that 1%), but I have a sneaky feeling that if more of us invested as much time into the pleasure of life as we do our career we would be:

happy. fulfilled. healthy. powerful.