April 30, 2015

thursday’s thought

life in blush thursdays thought_April 30 2015

Two things you may not know about me: one, I grew up near the ocean and two, I swear I have salt water embedded into my DNA.

Ok maybe those two things weren’t hard to guess since I’m always talking about my love of water.

A few nights ago, while vacationing in Mexico, I found myself standing on the balcony of my hotel room staring out at the ocean, almost hypnotically.

With the sound of the waves crashing onto shore and the smell of salt water wrapping around me, everything about life seemed so much simpler.

I love this quote by Lao Tzu because it highlights the fact that when you cease to over-complicate your life all the answers and outcomes you seek, previously blocked from your sight, are standing plainly in front of you as if it was waiting all along for you to just see it.


  • Tao Te Ching is my bible…I take it everywhere!

    • Ahh I have to check it out! Anything you treasure that much is worth looking into 🙂 xx

  • Kat

    Love this so much!