April 16, 2015

thursday’s thought

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I went for an acupuncture session yesterday to help with my shoulder and back pain and the girl I go to, Kandiss, has such a unique perspective on life that I feel like I’m getting a therapy session in as well.

the office

Every visit she tries to counsel me on how to stop resisting the life I’m meant to lead and to be fearless when purging things from my world.

The interesting thing about these treatments is that she focuses part of the time on massaging the stomach and getting me to de-stress through deep breathing. The stomach apparently digests our food and it also digests our life.

Pretty deep for an 8am appointment, but very cool.


According to Kandiss, it is believed that the root of all body pain originates from the center and the stomach plays a major role in allowing or preventing pain.

The liver, which not only has a physiological, but also an emotional role to play, houses all of our frustrations and deep-rooted unhappiness, and that pent-up tension radiates out as pain to our shoulders and lower back.

My liver was apparently telling her that it’s been working overtime for quite a while and needed me to just chill out.

mila kunis

I’m actually heading to Mexico next week for some much needed solar recharge and relaxation so perhaps this is will be the perfect time to take stock of how my mind and body feel when I’m away from the daily grind of urban life!


  • talula

    Sounds heavenly.. Would you mind sharing with me your acupuncture place? Sounds like something I could really use. xo

  • I love acupuncture…mine feels like a therapy sessions too 🙂

    • When she leaves the room to let the needles work their magic I always nearly fall asleep haha. Hope you’re having a great week Tina! xo