March 12, 2015

thursday’s thought

life in blush thursdays thought_March 12 2015


What is your first reaction when you read this word?

Do you immediately think of it as a derogatory term, or a word of respect reserved for women of inherent beauty who have maintained a connection with the Earth that most of us have lost?

As a marketer and a millennial my brain has become hardwired to absorb and process a ridiculous amount of stimuli (emails, phone calls, texts, online and offline advertising) without breaking stride with the 10 other things I’m trying to do at once, but when I came across this quote

…In what has been referred to in contemporary times as “the women’s holocaust”, more women were burned at the stake [during the Inquisition] than were killed in the Nazi gas ovens during the Holocaust  in World War II.
– Dr Jean Shinoda Bolen, Crossing to Avalon

I actually stopped everything I was doing to think it over. And I kept thinking about it that night and have been this whole week.

For 300 years, out of ignorance and fear, midwives were burned for easing the pain of childbirth (after all the bible says women were supposed to suffer), women who knew how to access the powerful plants, flowers, roots and seeds around them to heal were burned, women who celebrated the seasons and smart, outspoken women were all burned.

Why did we transition from a culture that celebrated the wild feminine nature to one where it needed to be feared and repressed?

I think this quote spoke so loudly to me because of the realization that had I lived during that time I would have had to censor my opinions and hide my passion for using nature to thrive.

This week’s Thursday’s Thought may appear to be rather somber from what you’re used to reading here, but my intention was to give voice to a time when being connected to the Earth, when being a “witch”, was celebrated and through that you would no longer see it as somber, but as inspirational instead; inspiration to help you embrace your own wild feminine nature, in whatever form that may take.

(Let me know if I succeeded!)

I’d like to give a special shout out to Kat from Wild Honey Apothecary who gave me this image to use and was actually the muse behind this post! 

Kat creates her own products that only use “wild harvested, pure botanicals and concotions proven since ancient times with sacred resins, raw honey and wild collected botanicals.” Check out her incredible line-up of products here (I’ve currently got my eye on the Pomegranate Vetiver mask and the Moon Juice: Beauty Dust!)

  • I am a witch. I am a scorer. I am a magician. And I am so much more. I wish we all lived closer together so we could start a coven!

    • Yeeessss! You are, we are all so much more. Perhaps one day we will get a chance to start that coven. I would love that so much!

  • Kat

    “Why did we transition from a culture that celebrated the wild feminine nature to one where it needed to be feared and repressed?” Great question, will be thinking about this for awhile. Thank you for the beautiful, though provoking post. I am honored that you were kind enough to use my artwork. xo Kat

    • And thank you for being the muse for it! One day Kat, one day I’ll hug you in person for that 🙂 xo