February 26, 2015

thursday’s thought

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In other words be smart about eating throughout the day.

Restricting how much you eat only creates a vicious cycle.

You’re body freaks out and thinks you’re heading into a famine. So being the savvy thinker it is, your body holds on to your fat reserves for dear life to see you through until food is plentiful again.

On the flip side, the more real, clean food you eat the more your can body relax and operate efficiently. As well it will lose any unnecessary body fat that your body deems unnecessary…not popular media. And again that comes from eating unprocessed, non-refined, real food.

Every chance you get to eat is the chance to nourish your body so do it often!

  • Very wise.

    Re “As well it will lose any unnecessary body fat that your body deems unnecessary…not popular media” – so true.
    On one hand, the media tell us to lose weight like yesterday, on the other hand, turn the page and look at “norm size” body models who clearly don’t look very healthy but are promoted as such, often with the claim “big is beautiful”. Turn the page again and there’s a celeb scrutinized for her “muffin top”. Gack! It’s schizophrenic! There *is* a balanced way, but it’s just not click-bait material.

  • Hah, 70 850kcal! That’s some heavy binging! :’D

    Sad part, that used to be me, my mom always called me a vacuum cleaner. And you could say I wore my shame with a heavy weight.

    I think it’s important to go with your body, and be mindful that if you feel like you’re always end up throwing yourself at food at the end of the day without a pleasant stop, you might want to add some more energy to your meals during the day.

    I went through a phase, thinking breakfast was the most important meal (you know, eat like a king for breakfast, a knight for lunch and a peasant for dinner?), but later I came to the thought that hunger and satisfaction, and to listen to your body is more important than specific meals and times.

    I don’t eat my breakfast until lunchtime, I get physically ill if I eat close to my wake up. My body doesn’t want food in the morning, it’s elimination time, don’t want disturbances, except for hydration.
    With that said, when I do break my fast I do it with a balanced amount of energy, let’s say, about three times the breakfast that’s listed in the picture 😉 Then I’ve started my day on the right foot 🙂

    • I couldn’t have said it any better Isabel! You’re exactly right, we have to listen to what our body is telling us regardless of whether it falls into a structured guideline of eating or not.

      I won’t eat breakfast until at least 2 hours after waking up; the only thing I give my body upon rising is a big mug of hot lemon water mixed with sliced ginger, a bit of turmeric spice and a dollop of raw honey. After that when I’m ready to eat it’s usually a healthy mixture of protein, good fats and fruit.

      When all is said and done, I think if we simply need to listen to our body, forget counting calories and focus instead on eating non-processed clean foods 🙂 xo

  • Kat

    Ha. I have to work on eating more through out the day so I am not starving at night. Nice reminder 🙂 xo Kat

    • Haha sometimes I struggle with that as well, especially if I don’t plan my meals in advance. But I try hard to avoid the hangry, “eat it all!” moments. Have a wonderful weekend Kat! xoxo

  • elegantlyeco

    I had to laugh at the 70,000 calories for dinner. I try to eat the most calories for breakfast or lunch and go light at dinner.

    • Me too! I find that to be the best strategy as I usually end up eating dinner late. Have a great weekend! xo