February 12, 2015

thursday’s thought

life in blush thursdays thought_february 12 2015

Describe your soul in one word.

That is perhaps one of the hardest questions I’ve thought about in a while.

Sure, lots of words come to mind about how I would describe myself, but trying to encapsulate my soul, who I am at my core when I strip away the protective shield I sometimes wear out in public is a different story.

So as I try to think deep thoughts on this one, tell me, if you had to describe your own soul in one word what would it be?

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  • Kat

    Such a hard question! Nice one, making me think are you? 🙂 I would say if I had to pick one word it would be: vibration

    • Oooh so fitting! Thanks so much for sharing…and for thinking 😉 Hope you and your wild man had a wonderful weekend! xoxo

  • I was highly inspired by Sarita Coren for my response: evolving. This answer, and who am I, will always be different. But the one thing that will remain constant is that I will always continue to change and grow.

    • I love this!! Such a great word that I think many of us in this community can identify with 🙂 Thanks for sharing Megan! xo