February 5, 2015

thursday’s thought

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Valentine’s Day is next Saturday, but I say screw that label Hallmark, let’s rename it to Galentine’s Day.

amy poehler

And it’s all about celebrating lady friends.

I detest the fact that the actual Hallmark holiday can make you feel somewhat inferior because you’re not in a couple.

And really who cares? Life is beyond awesome being surround by a tribe of women who know you inside and out.

I don’t intend to settle just so I can fulfill society’s obsession with being “paired up”, so until I find someone just as wild, and who has earned their place to run beside me, I’ll instead raise a glass to all the ladies who inspire me every day.

  • This is such a great post! I feel like women at one time or another have felt the pressure to be in a relationship. With Valentine’s Day, I feel like there is nothing wrong with celebrating love, it just feels like the holiday has succumbed to marketing schemes.

    • It’s so true! And if you’re not they even try to make you “feel better” for being lonely on VDay. I wholeheartedly celebrate love in all forms every day, but you’re right the particular holiday has become marketing focused than anything else.

  • Kat

    Love it. Even though I found my wild soul, here is to all the ladies enjoying their sacred circles. You are so great, thank you. Love the photo so much. x Kat

    • I love having you in my sacred circle Kat and I love it even more that you were able to find your wild soul! You’re such an incredible embodiment of love, light and sparkle and you’re one of the women that inspire me every day. Cheers to you and the wild soul that runs beside you 🙂 xoxo