January 29, 2015

thursday’s thought

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I first came across this quote while browsing one of my favourite blogs, Eighth and Wild, and like Tina’s interpretation I too believe that facing your fears takes a certain leap of faith.

As children we’re fearless and believe in the realm of unlimited possibility, but as we get older our so-called “dragons” begin to appear and we retreat into a shell of safety and familiarity.

But what if those dragons are indeed princesses, or inner warriors, that come to tell us it’s time to face our fears?

All that is lurking, either buried deep in your inner darkness or close by, needs to be stared at and brought into the light of consciousness. Do you fears serve you by warning you or do they prevent you from dancing your dance and living your life?

Once you acknowledge and give name to your fears they become formless and you gain power. All the power you need to find wholeness.

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  • Ah! Rilke letters!

    “Es handelt sich darum, alles zu leben.
    Wenn man die Fragen lebt, lebt man vielleicht allmählich, ohne es zu merken, eines fremden Tages in die Antworten hinein.”

    It’s about to live everything.
    If you live the questions, maybe eventually, without taking notice, one day you will live the answers.

  • This is such a beautiful post. I feel like too easily we find the best solution is to ignore and shove down our deepest fears and insecurities. But, that only leads them to grow old and rot the rest of our views on the world.

  • Wild Women Unite 🙂 I hope that we can meet in person one day! xoxo