December 11, 2014

thursday’s thought

stay humble hustle hard

I came across this print while trolling Pinterest the other day and thought the sentiment, “stay humble hustle hard”, (designed by Jennet Liaw) was absolutely perfect for this week’s Thursday’s Thought.

christina_the voice

Life fulfillment doesn’t come from sitting on the couch watching an episode of The Mindy Project and texting your bestie about what a shite day you had.

Girl, you gotta hustle for that dream of yours.

Without judgement or fear of what anyone thinks, ask yourself “what is my end game”? And then each day, and I mean each day, live, breathe and visualize yourself in it.


In my opinion the people that hustle the best for their happy ending  do it humbly. For they are driven not by vanity or greed, but by a desire born of purity to fulfill their life’s purpose.

So blushers, as we get ready for the weekend remember to stay humble as you hustle hard!

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  • Anusha Puri

    i love reading thursday thoughts..Thanks sonja

  • Thanks for the lovely reminder! Humility is one of the best virtues, but also one that can sometimes be forgotten in our attempt to be recognized for efforts we feel proud of.

  • Perfect darling, as always. You have a wavelength to my vibe. Always good for a belly laugh and inspiration.