November 20, 2014

thursday’s thought

well that didn't work_sm

I think I’ve literally said that phrase to myself so many times over the years that I could in fact give my autobiography that title.

I’ve failed countless times, had one too many ‘face palm’ moments and of course questioned my whole existence.

30 rock

Motivational speakers tell us that life isn’t perfect (no shit sherlock) and it’s not what knocks us down, but how we get back up (although I may take my time if I’m on the floor with a pile of fluffy puppies)

happy endings

but I generally choose to ignore that type of Hallmark sentiment and instead remember that to err is to be human (plaster that note everywhere my friend).

A LOT of things don’t work in my life, but when it does man is it ever sweet.

Happy Thursday blushers! xo

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  • I have come to believe, through my own life and watching the experience of others, that we sometimes *beg* for a rejection or failure by pitching something to the fate we haven’t come to truly figure out. To suceed at that point would mean nothing but disaster.

    • Nath, this is so inspiring! You’ve put into words what I keep bumping up in my life. Brilliantly said 🙂 xoxo

  • I’d rather have both extremely bad and good, and have the appreciation for the golden nuggets in my life, rather than just giving up and saying, “What’s the point?”. When there is misery in my life, I try and use it to create and inspire. When there is good, I just enjoy it. Lovely thoughts as always!

    • Exactly! If there were no dips and peaks in life then how could you ever find pure sweetness in those moments of triumph? Without darkness there can be no light 🙂 Hope you have a great day Megan! xo

  • I agree, stay on the floors with the a pile of puppies for awhile 🙂 Happy Thursday!

    • Happy Thursday Kat! (p.s. I seriously now want to ask Santa for a basket of puppies 😀 ) xo