November 6, 2014

thursday’s thought

life in blush thursdays thought_pulse of life

Last week I got a not-so-gentle reminder that life is fleeting so I wanted to remind myself, and all of you, that life, despite the heartbreak, loss, disappointment, and frustration and because of the love, laughter and joy is a miracle to be treasured.

Our lives are without a doubt in constant flux and life is by no means easy, but my wish for you is that you remember to focus on creating the self you want to be at every moment.

None of us are broken, nothing is ‘missing’ and our inherent self-worth can never be taken away.

You are a one-in-7-billion miracle and your life should be celebrated!


  • Beautiful!

  • When I was younger, I made the mistake of constantly wondering “what if” and focusing on other’s opinions. I became obsessed with trying to meet expectations and thought I was only good if others said so. Now, I know how naive I was and realize I should be the only person I have to please. I’ve learned to appreciate each momemt I have and try to fill if with as much joy and vivre as I can.

    • Yaaay!! I think a lot of people will find themselves in your story Megan, and I’m so happy to here the outlook you’re taking now. I’m definitely going to raise a glass in celebration to that 🙂 xo