October 30, 2014

thursday’s thought

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Happy Thursday blushers! Building upon the crazy inspirational teachings of my 30 day hair challenge (click here) I thought this was a very fitting quote, from one of my favourite celebrities, to close out the week.

When it comes to your hair, clothes, makeup, your attitude or just your life in general you should forget the haters (cause haters gonna hate) and fashion your life whatever way makes you the happiest.

I hope you all have a wonderful and sparkle filled day! xo

  • Absolutely LOVE this. Agh! So good. :0) We all need to remember this every now and then. It’s awesome to feel and be healthy, to wear fancy creams, and slide on our favorite lipstick… but in the end… it’s what we do that matters. Not what we looked like. XO

    • Exactly! When you do good in the world, live a full life and touch others with your love and kindness no one remembers what kind of crazy winged liner you liked to rock, but how you made their life richer.

  • Trends are ever-changing, but what you love stays true.

  • Nic Gustafsson

    Couldn’t agree more darl! And might I add how fabulous your hair looks, groomed to perfection or not! Would die for similar hair but we always want what we don’t have eh. Have a beautiful weekend; I’m off to the Swedish countryside with some girlfriends where we’ll be watching horror movies…well-timed what with Halloween and all! xx

    • Ooh! What movie? I’m planning on watching the Hitchcock classic, Psycho with a few of my friends.

      • Nic Gustafsson


    • Ahh thanks love! How was your weekend over in that gorgeous Swedish countryside? I’m on board with everything about your weekend except the horror films. My heart just can’t take that kind of scare. I’m the person that needs to watch it in full daylight, with the sound turned off at “those” moments where you know a big scare is coming 😉