October 2, 2014

thursday’s thought

nature does not hurry_life in blush thursdays thought

I’ve always been fascinated by the philosophies and guiding principles behind Taoism, ever since I took a course on it in University. Everything about this spiritual tradition seemed logical to me and no aspect of human existence or behaviour was shrouded in taboo. Lao Tzu, the founding father, lived in 6th century BC and is considered one of the most important Chinese sage’s in history (his name literally means “old master”).

This quote is written at the front of my journal as a reminder that I do not need to try and accomplish everything at once. Grass does feel the need to hurry up and grow nor does water feel pressure to get downstream faster. Instead, everything is accomplished within the flow of life.

Try and remember that in your daily life too blushers! xo

p.s. you know what else I find fascinating about nature? The fact that she always wins. Fed up with the plastic we keep throwing into the oceans she finally developed a microbe that could eat it (click here for news story).

image source: jackworldwide

  • My school was very liberal and would have us study many different philosophies and ideals so we can be exposed to a wider range of culture. When we learned about Taoism, they made many comparisons to Winnie the Pooh because the going with the flow, and less hurried approach to life is present in his character.

    • I wish this philosophy could be applied to every facet of everyone’s life. Business, personal, everything. Can you imagine what kind of world that would give us? 🙂