September 25, 2014

thursday’s thought

actually you can

I was recently interviewed by a green beauty blogger, for a new series on her site, and one of the questions she asked was what would I tell my 13 year old self if I could go back in time.

At 13 I had already been through years of bullying at school and had escaped into my studies as a way to cope. My confidence, as you might guess, was running pretty low. My life at school is by no means uncommon and I won’t say it made me a better, tougher person because, really, I could have done without all of that soul-crushing bullsh*t, but I am the person I am today in spite of it and have since learned not to place the true value of my worth in the hollow words of others.

So, what would I tell that introverted girl? I would look her square in the eye, make her hold my gaze, and tell her: actually, you can.

Don’t ever let somebody drag you into their reality and tell you, you can’t do something.













If you believe you can do something than actually, you can. You’re just that flipping awesome.


  • This is truth, we need to understand that what others think and their words don’t define us. They don’t change who we are and shouldn’t dictate our happiness.

    P.S. I wonder who that blogger is. 😉

    • Sometimes that can be so hard to do, but at the end of the day you’re the only one in control of what makes you happy or sad. You get to be the one to write those brilliant chapters.

      p.s. I wonder indeed 😉