June 13, 2013

thursday’s thought

once in a while blow your own damn mind

Hi everyone, I hope you all have been having a great week so far! My week has been fairly busy and now that Toronto’s weather has turned sunny again I’m even more excited to finish prepping my balcony for summer entertaining (you know you’re a city dweller when…). My balcony greenery design is a little different each year and this year I’ve decided to have two beautiful cedar trees anchor each side in black wicker plant containers. I find cedars bring a certain sophisticated and polished look to an area, and once I throw up my white Caribbean style curtains, throw down my bamboo mat and fill the space with various other plants and flowers it will become my little oasis to de-stress and enjoy some “me” time.


  • Margie

    Bring on that Balcony Summertime! 🙂