August 14, 2014

thursday’s thought

life in blush thursday's thought_lauren bacall

What an incredible lady Lauren Bacall was. One of the last true great stars in the Golden Age of Hollywood, I best remember her for her unique beauty, the arch of her famous brow, the way she spoke her mind and of course her marriage to Humphrey Bogart (who I just absolutely adored in Casablanca).

I love her quote “I think your whole life shows in your face and you should be proud of that” the most as it reminds me that our our mature faces are just, if not more, beautiful than our young ones because it marks a life lived to the fullest.


  • And wasn’t it a sad, sad week not just for Hollywood? 🙁

  • That is a great quote by a great beauty. I feel that in these age, we are too obsessed with looking ‘twenty years younger’. We are too shrouded by the ‘image of being perfect’ as a culture and need to focus more on our natural beauty.

    • Sadly enough we waste so much time trying to achieve that fountain of youth and miss out on what life really has to offer us. Natural beauty comes in so many different forms that I can never understand why people want to emulate movie stars or models…we were born originals, we shouldn’t live as copies! Thanks for adding your two cents love!

  • Margie

    Actually I loved any of the movies she made with Bogart before they were married. The chemistry was so obvious and INTENSE!!! Especially loved To Have and Have Not, that remains a favorite. Such movies are, sadly, forever in the past!
    Love the photo you chose, it shows her at her most beautiful and elegant.

  • Margie

    So much Hollywood history in her 89 years. Just 19 when she was suddenly playing with the big league in Hollywood during it’s Golden Age, but held her own through it all and made her presence known.

    • she certainly did! What was your favourite movie of hers? 🙂