July 10, 2014

thursday’s thought

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Happy Thursday blushers! Tomorrow I’m heading to Bangor, Maine to participate in a Back to the Land workshop (click here for deets) and I couldn’t be more excited. I’ve been on a journey to rewild my health and mind since last year so getting the chance to learn first hand from a well-respected chef how to ‘merge the forest and farm for optimal health and wellness’, as well as getting to meet my rewilding idol, Daniel Vitalis, is yet another very important piece in my education strategy to make myself health sovereign.

This trip has also brought to the forefront a question that I don’t often ask myself: what do I desire?

When I sit down to think about going after what will make me the happiest, and I take money, time, lack of energy and any excuse I can think of for not doing it out of the equation I’m forced to acknowledge that what I’m left with is the realization that I don’t want to evolve to be fit for cubicle life. Whereas once I used to passionately talk about marketing strategies for big brands I now light up at the chance to talk about herbalism, essential oils, collecting spring water, super foods that heal and invigorate like colostrum and schizandra berry, non-toxic skincare and makeup, nourishing the wild feminine spirit and setting up an environment for oneself that more closely mimics that of our hunter-gatherer ancestors versus the artificial jungle we find ourselves in today.

Where is this realization going to lead me? I’m not sure yet, but one thing I do know is that wheels have been set in motion and I no longer want to run in circles accomplishing nothing.

Blushers, how about you? Are you doing what you love or is your calling covered in cobwebs? Let me know what your passionate about in life in the comments below!

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  • Hear, hear! You’re speaking right to my soul, sister! Nothing feels more right than when you are following your passions. Have a fantastic trip and I hope that you gain all the clarity you need for the future! xx

    • Yaaay! Seanna, I can’t believe you’re in Toronto and we haven’t hung out yet! Let’s plan a get together soon? Have a great day hun, I hope it’s filled with sparkle and love! xo

      • I know! I just was thinking the same thing! Let’s organize someting when you are back.