June 26, 2014

thursday’s thought

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A bit of a sobering thought, non? Humans must eat food to survive, as we cannot subsist alone on air, water and sunlight, but it puzzles me most days as to why so little attention is paid to an element so critical to life?

While we certainly do talk about food in great lengths, in the end most of us are asking the wrong questions. Instead of asking where to get the best pizza in town, for example, we should instead be asking things like what herbs can best cure a cold, what spices can support immune health or where we can shop from the local food shed.

Industrial food processing, combined with urban living hides the true source of our food and with it the important knowledge of what heals us and what harms us. To many of us “food” comes from a store or a restaurant and our perspective on what food actually is and how it’s grown, wild or farmed, is obscured. Sometimes that knowledge feels as about as obvious to me as how you should go about splitting an atom. I don’t want to view food simply as “ingredients in a store”, but rather I want to make a conscious connection to the food I consume and understand the symbiotic relationship humans have to it.

Want to join me in this journey? Here are a few resources to help you get started!

  • consult: tara miller, a toronto-based holistic nutritionist (click here) can help you take stock of what you should, and shouldn’t, be eating
  • watch: hungry for change on Netflix; this documentary puts food into a whole new perspective
  • read: catching fire: how cooking made us human; eating on the wild side; wild health; wheat belly
  • connect: Daniel Vitalis, health strategist and pioneer of the “rewild yourself” movement, is the one who started me on my journey and his teachings have truly been a game changer! Click here to learn more about him and here to subscribe to his newsletter.


  • Margie

    What a fantastic post!! The list of resources to get started on the “rewilding” journey is perfect and should motivate even the least motivated among us!