June 5, 2014

thursday’s thought

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I went to see Maleficent opening week and, despite the haters, I loved it. I loved Angelina, her brief moments of humour and the fact a classic Disney fairy tale was re-told from the perspective of the incorrectly labelled “villain”. While Maleficent is technically a fairy she is infused with very real “human” qualities. She fell in love, was betrayed and made mistakes out of emotional fury and anger. And from those mistakes she felt regret and shame. As little girls we are filled with fire and determination and slowly, as society imprints upon us, some of us have our strong wings stolen and we retreat into our shells. But our wings can return.

This movie is a beautiful love story and not the typical Hollywood love story between a man and woman, but rather a love story of self-acceptance. To err is to be human and to be human those errors need to be celebrated in order to make us stronger – just like our legs are made stronger from climbing a mountain. There’s no prince charming or white knight to rescue her, she’s her own saviour and champion and that is what I think all of us need to remember as we navigate through the sometimes unclear paths of our lives.


  • Tara

    Great review, Sonja! You’re such a wonderful writer 🙂 Happy Thursday!

    • You know how to make a girl’s morning! Thanks so much Tara, happy thursday to you too!! xo

  • Margie

    A very thought provoking, well done review of Maleficent. Too bad most of the kids who see it won’t really get the message, but hopefully the adults who take them will.
    “Our wings can return”…love that!