May 29, 2014

thursday’s thought

life in blush thursday thought_breath is life

Hello my lovelies! Last night I had the extreme pleasure of spending time with Christine Chanter, founder of Christine Chanter Botanicals, in order to take an aroma journey through her many bottles of perfumes (my favourite was #8!) and rare, exotic oils. I was exposed to so many wonderfully sweet, spicy, grounding and cheerful scents that Gaia, our mother earth, has to offer us and was reminded of how easy it’s become to let the scents that surround us go unnoticed in our everyday busy lives. But just like breath gives us life so too does scent give life to our soul.

So take pause today, wherever you are, and notice the life-giving scents that are all around you.

  • “Like breath gives us life, so too does scent give life to our soul.” Ahhh…the sweet fragrance of a wonderful post! Thank you, Sonja, for the reminder to take in the world with all of our senses and to stop and smell the roses often. I love Christine’s quote too 🙂

    • I’m so glad it spoke to you! Sending you much love on this sunny day 🙂 xo

  • Margie

    What a lovely boost to take notice of our world’s many aromas!