June 6, 2013

thursday’s thought

julia child

Next week is my birthday and I have to admit although I’m typically a big birthday person I was approaching this one with trepidation (32 seems much scarier than 30!) until I realized what a great year this is already turning out to be. The launch of my blog was a big milestone as it signaled an ability to start tackling my self-critical nature, and actually embracing my introverted side. The topics I cover each day have been a lifelong passion of mine and I get excited each and every day to share them with you. I don’t know where this path will lead, but on the way to becoming the woman I’ve always envisioned, it will help me balance my life, find¬†positivity and creativity away from my desk job, and start to truly value the relationship I have with myself. I’m no longer looking at my birthday as one year older, but rather 365 days to make myself proud of my life.

  • Alicia

    What a fantastic post! TEAR!

  • Margie

    All GREAT things ahead, the best is yet to come!!