May 8, 2014

thursday’s thought


Happy Thursday blushers! Only one more day until the weekend and it’s looking like it’s going to be a sunny one for Mother’s Day (holllaa!)!

I’m pretty sure being a mother has to be the toughest gig out there because it’s not like you can clock out at 5pm and crack open a bottle of wine. You’re on call ALL the time and I think you would have this intense weight on responsibility perched on your shoulders every minute of every day. So major kudos to all of you who have taken the plunge.

For me, the reason why I’m grateful for my own mum is that I’ve come to realize how, in her own gentle, loving and sweet way, she’s been teaching me (since I was a little girl) to find my own voice. To find the strength to howl in order to own your place in this world, to have compassion for yourself and for others, and to be happy with who you are is perhaps the greatest lesson I carry with me each and every day.

Much love to my mum and to all mums out there! xo

mother and baby panda