May 1, 2014

thursday’s thought

Lately (and trust me I know how corny this is going to sound coming from a fancy-pants city girl) I’ve been feeling a really strong pull from my soul to get it out in nature again. And I feel once I give in to its demands the happiness will be immeasurable.

house of cards

So that’s why when I saw Frank and Camille Giglio, of Maine’s Three Lily Farms, was hosting a ‘Back to the Land’ workshop I immediately booked it, figuring I would work out details later.

For an entire weekend in July I’ll be reconnecting with the land, learning how to eat properly (and seasonally) and how to work with nature’s resources. I have to admit I’m pretty excited as it’s just one more component to add to my rewilding strategy and my quest for optimal health. I will of course post a full recap of my experience once I’m back and full of so much zen. Any trivial problems or unnecessary stress in my life will be quickly swept aside after that.

wolf of wall street

The July event is sold out, but another one is being hosted in August so if you’re interested click here for details!

  • Alicia

    WHY have I not discovered that Leo gif before now? LOVE IT. Also – can’t wait to hear about the event! #takemewithyou

  • Margie

    Such a lovely quote….says it all! 🙂 And really enjoyed those gifs as always!

    • lifeinblush

      it’s spot on to how I’m feeling right now. Part of my life goals for 2014 is to visit more of these places!

  • WHAT A SMALL WORLD! I went to college with Camille… I love their website and everything they stand for- you are going to LOVE it! Enjoy… and WOW. :0) Mind blown, I always forget what a small little world we live in- I can’t wait for your post on the retreat!!

    • lifeinblush

      aaahh that is a small world!! I too love their website, their philosophy and am a huge advocate for all of her SurThrival products. Have you tried any of them? Gawd I’m so excited for this event now I wish it was July already!

      • Yes, I have! The Colostrum powder is awesome in smoothies! I really wanted to do the retreat but I have like 20 weddings this year and the travel budget is drained, I am hoping for next year though- I know you are going to have so much fun! And they just had baby goats! :0)

        • lifeinblush

          O_O they just had baby GOATS?! AHHH!! I’m so excited!! Have you tried the colostrum as a face mask? So good! My travel budget is also super drained, but I didn’t care. I felt like I couldn’t miss it (I also felt a lot like Becky Bloomwood haha).

          • Yes! GOATS! Not to mention their adorable little son Wilder, you’ll have to tell Camille that Kathryne Easton from AMDA says “hello!” :0) lol Becky Bloomwood! You are going to eat so well there too- Frank’s recipes looks so amazing, I have like all of them bookmarked!