March 20, 2014

thursday’s thought

start each day with a grateful heart

Morning world! Happy Spring Equinox!

Today I’m grateful to have a family that loves me through thick and thin, and for friends I draw inspiration, courage and wisdom from; I’m grateful for each day I have on this earth because it means I have one more day to discover new things about myself; I’m grateful for all animals big and small that make us smile and remind us that the world needs more kindness; I’m grateful for my health and for the moments where I can enjoy the small stuff like browsing for spring makeup while sipping on my favourite cup of coffee; and most of all I’m grateful for the ability to go after my own happiness by making the most of the moment I’m in now.

Tell me blushers, what are you grateful for today?

  • Mary

    Happy spring equinox!!! I love your question for today 🙂 practicing gratitude is something that can make a person feel better. I am grateful that I have such loving and supportive family and friends; for my good health and strength; for my strong ability to empathize. I could go on forever, but i’ll stop there!

    • lifeinblush

      ahh those are all such amazing things to be grateful for! 🙂
      have a great weekend! xo

  • Margie

    What a lovely way to begin spring (if it ever agrees to truly arrive!)
    “Gratitude is the heart’s memory.” French Proverb

    • lifeinblush

      I love this proverb! I may very well make it next week’s Thursday’s Thought 🙂 xo

  • Kat

    I am grateful for having an adventurous spirit, a sweet husband and sunshine 🙂

    • lifeinblush

      those are three perfectly wonderful things to be grateful for 🙂 thanks for sharing Kat! xo