March 13, 2014

thursday’s thought

What I plan to say New Year’s Eve 2014 and mean it ….

mindy project - role  model

Matthew McConaughey’s Oscar speech about who his role model was (him in 10 years) got me thinking about why we look to others to be our role models and not ourselves.  Can you imagine the kind of crazy self-confidence and sh*t you could achieve if you woke up each morning thinking how wicked awesome you were?!

p.s. this is a thought I have all the time (anyone else?).

mindy project - price harry

Can you imagine if Hot Harry on a Horse was actually allowed to have an instagram account?! Guys, just think of those pictures ….

  • who’s the woman in the GIFs?

    and a 100% YES to being your own role model.
    problem tho – it only works for a specific generation, and methinks much younger than us is getting problematic. (plus it only works under the premise that one actually IS a good role model.)
    see, so many people today are just boring, zero interesting, zero interestED, zero literate, zero talented, but oh so present and firmly believing they are awesome, amazing, and wowing the world with every bit of their boring hipster life presented on instagram. milennials, FFS, I’m looking at you.

    • lifeinblush

      it’s Mindy Kaling from the Mindy Project – one of my favourite shows these days!

  • What an awesome thought to start the day with, so very inspiring! And I definitely don’t think you need to wait until December 2014 to believe that about yourself 🙂