February 6, 2014

thursday’s thought

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The infamous Princess Leia and Hans Solo “I love you. I know” scene aside (click here), these are five words all of us should say to ourselves more often.  Me included.

We love our pets, our families, our new shade of lipstick and those jeans that make us look 10lbs thinner, but how often do we say “damn I love you” to ourselves and mean it? Hmm…umm…I’m trying to remember.

For the past month I’ve been testing out a personal blend of the Alexis Smart flower remedy (click here for an overview) that’s meant to boost confidence, allow you to accept change, and to love yourself unconditionally. I definitely feel a shift in my outlook on life and in my mood that I can’t quite define yet, other than to say it’s making me feel…happier. (Once I can define it a proper review will be posted!)

So, rather than focusing on what I did wrong in my day I’m going to try very hard to stop being critical and be awesome instead.

Whose with me?

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  • Margie

    A flower remedy blend to boost confidence, allow you to accept change and love yourself unconditionally …now that HAS to become a staple!!!