November 21, 2013

thursday’s thought


Besides the fact that I was looking for an excuse to put up a picture of RDJ so you guys could ogle him (ok so I could ogle him), I actually stumbled upon this quote at a perfect time.

My friend was recently telling me the story of her daughter, who just entered kindergarten, and how she no longer wanted to play with dinosaurs. Now this kid has been obsessed with dinosaurs for awhile so after some prying my friend discovered that her daughter tried to get the other little girls to play dinosaurs with her, instead of barbies, and they laughed and told her dinosaurs were only for boys…and wouldn’t play with her. Those b*tches.

My heart literally sank. Forget about love being a battlefield, kindergarten through to high school is a damn war zone. I feel like this quote should be plastered in every kindergarten across the nation (err minus the swearing of course) to teach little boys and girls right from the start to just be themselves. everyone else is already taken (thank you oscar wilde for that inspiration!)

happy thursday blushers!

  • sarita coren

    Sonja’s on FIRE! You are so right. With SO many obligatory classes there are to take, why don’t we have one for just being ourselves? It’s a lifelong process of self-love, acceptance, and undoing judgmental replays in our minds! Great post & totally loving the commentaries by some of my favorite people. XO

    • lifeinblush

      I never understood the phrase “the youth is wasted on the young” before, but the older I get the more wisdom I see in it. We spend so much time worrying about other people’s opinion, trying to fit in and become what we think is most accepted by society until finally when we grow up (literally and figuratively) and see the forest through the trees –I think because we’re exhausted from all that effort! At the end of the day when you look back on your life you want it to be filled with pride and self-love – not how many people you think you made happy by bending to their will. Thanks for your thoughts Sarita, always love hearing what you have to say! xo

  • That Oscar Wilde quote is my life’s mantra. “Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Plus, normal is so overrated.

    • lifeinblush

      I have that quote as a sticky-note in my daily planner – it’s incredible how powerful 7 little words, that on their own are meaningless, can be. Thanks for saying hi Paula! xo

  • love the new comment function. woohoo!
    RDJ is great. I have somewhere a Tumblr find where his life advice boils to the f-word in all three points 😀

    I think that the girls’s mother should host a dinosaur party with the most gorgeous women around, you included, where you eat dino cupcakes and wear dino tees. and the girl can then show the pictures to her barbie-playing pals and say, well, you’re right… *little* girls don’t play with dinosaurs… 😉

    • lifeinblush

      ahh! you have to find that tumblr and send it to me! RJD has a permanent spot on my list of 5. I love your idea of the dino party! I definitely have to plan that 🙂
      [p.s. glad you love the new system! It’s so much better 🙂 ]

      • re dinos: have you seen this? I think someone from my TL posted it on twitter, fantabulous parenting! >>>

        • lifeinblush

          oh em gee those kids have such incredible parents! Who wouldn’t be excited to get up to that each morning?!
          p.s. good luck with your event tomorrow!!! It will be nothing short of an absolute hit 🙂 xo

          • you’re so sweet, thank you!!! it’s a “soft launch” of sort, we wanted to see how it works and what we can do, but we’re definitely over the moon at the very idea 🙂
            kudos at your giveaway, bella! doing great, numbers rocketing! *fingers crossed*

          • lifeinblush

            well I already know you ladies are going to rock it! now it’s a little seed that you’ve planted, but there’s no doubt that it’s going to bloom and bloom large!

            thanks for the support on my giveaway! I wanted to create a giveaway that would incorporate gamification and the idea of unlocking levels – instead of gold coins for all it’s non-toxic beauty gifts for all! xo

          • I totally dig that 😉 so very geeky of you.

  • Kat

    Great photo, great quote! (que angelic chorus) word.

    • lifeinblush

      love where your heads at with the chorus! 🙂 xo

  • Margie

    Both Oscar Wilde and Robert Downy Jr have the right attitude…at the end of the day being yourself and doing your own thing is what counts for YOU!

    • lifeinblush

      amen! 🙂 xo