November 14, 2013

thursday’s thought

she designed a life she loved

…the world is your canvas so write a story you yourself would want to read!

I hope everyone has been having a great week so far -mine has definitely been a busy one and I’ve got so many exciting plans for the weekend. First, I’m heading to The Detox Market with my mum on Saturday to attend a balm-making course, led by the adorably cheerful Julie of Province Apothecary; then we’re off to HUSK where Rose-Marie Swift of rms beauty will be speaking about her latest product releases and applying makeup on a few lucky people; last but not least the wonderful of Megan from Seed to Serum is in town so we’re planning to get together for a ridiculously fancy and over-priced cocktail…god I love being a girly girl.

happy thursday blushers!

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  • beautycalypse

    wow, sonja, that’s a lot going on and quite an agenda 😉

    my plans for the weekend are more humble, but at least they include a beauty blogger event held in the rather chic & snobby duesseldorf 😉 the host is a seasoned beauty pro, and I’m soooo looking forward to a little chat with her. not looking forward to all the driving though, haha 😀

    • haha I’m quite the little social butterfly this weekend eh? Although your plans sound fun! wish I could teleport and join you for a swanky, snobby party 😀 is she a green beauty pro?