September 26, 2013

thursday’s thought

all you need is love

Happy Thursday blushers!

Next Thursday I’m heading to New York and while I definitely won’t be buying a Birkin (although I’ve been praying real hard to the purse fairy) I will be doing some serious window shopping. And that window shopping will most likely include a trip to the Manolo Blahnik store – a girl can dream!

My wish list while in the big apple includes:

  1. Sipping on a latte in Central Park
  2. Dining at Pure Food and Wine (they gave me the heads up about this new dessert…oh…em…gee)
  3. Walking by Tiffany’s on 5th Avenue and pretending I’m Audrey Hepburn
  4. Getting my own lipstick made at the Bite Beauty lab in Soho
  5. Noshing on vegan sweets by babycakes
  6. Finding that perfect slice of New York pizza


  • maria

    Hey Sonja,

    I lived in NY for 2 years. If you want any advice of places you should hit up let me know!

    Def stop in at The Hummus Place (if you like hummus) and Spring Street Natural for delicious eats!

    have fun!

    • Hey Maria

      That must have been an amazing time! A few questions for you!
      1. I want to go to the meat packing district – what are the best things to do while there?
      2. Where would you recommend to go for the best, non-touristy style of pizza?
      3. Best bar in town?


      • Maria

        Hey Sonja,

        1. As far as the Meatpacking district goes, I’d make sure to walk along the high line, then pop into Chelsea market. If you are looking for eats in the neighbourhood. Tom Colicchio as 2 places. Catch and Coliicchio & sons. At nighttime the spice market used to be delicious and fun, but it’s been a while since i’ve been there. DVF has her flagship in there as well!

        2. My Fav pizza is in Brooklyn! Ultimate Fav is Graziella’s in Fort Greene. Get the one topped with arugula and spend time walking around Fort Greene, such a lovely neighbourhood that most people never end up visiting. Fascati’s in Brooklyn Heights in also delicious.

        3. Best bar…that’s a tricky one. The one bar that I always have tons of fun in no matter what is barcade in williamsburg. Think old school arcade games, good music and great pints. It’s causual and def has a hipster vibe, but always a solid time.

        Have fun!

  • Margie

    Life is better with a dream!

  • Alicia

    I can’t even talk about how jealous I am that your’e going to be in NYC. Don’t forget to hit Century 21 !!!