September 19, 2013

thursday’s thought

the fanning sisters - life in blush

I love this photo of dakota and elle fanning so much. Not only is it artistically beautiful, but it reminds me of my older sister, and me the one who loves to play with makeup.

My sister is the first person I want to share a bit of gossip or a fancy cocktail with, and the last person I ever want to disappoint; she is my confident, my therapist and the one who knows how to make me laugh; we look nothing alike, but yet we’re so similar; she’s my protector and my champion, and will never let me be anything but me.

For those of you who have a sister, or a friend who feels like a sister, share one reason why you love them to bits!

Happy Thursday blushers!

  • Giana

    I’ve always wanted to trade in my brother… 😉

  • Margie

    Sisters who are close, caring, and loving….a wonderful gift to each other. 🙂