September 5, 2013

thursday’s thought

grace coddington

Since I started¬†life in blush, and having read Grace Coddington’s memoir, I find these words to be even more meaningful. Vogue creative director / icon, and an incredibly inspiring woman herself, Grace has the kind of fearless tenacity that constantly motivates me to pursue the things that’ll make me really, really, really happy in life. Hard work, self-doubt and failure are all part of the mix, but failure is the stepping stone to success and in the end I know I’ll figure it all out somehow.

Happy Thursday Blushers! On a side note, the Toronto International Film Festival officially kicks off today – for those of you nearby will you be catching any of the films, or simply find yourself ‘bumping’ into celebrities like me? *wink* My top picks this year for a ‘run-in’ are professor snape, meryl streep and colin firth.


  • Margie

    Good luck with this year’s celebrity sightings!