August 29, 2013

thursday’s thought

coco chanel

One night in Barcelona my sister and I stumbled upon a restaurant that served Veuve Clicquot by the glass….for 8.95€! The waiter generously filled my glass and as I sat there sipping this delicious, delicious drink two thoughts came to mind: one, wine prices in Canada are ridiculously expensive; two, why the heck didn’t I do this more often back home?

There’s a definite “live to work” mentality here in North America, but since life is for making memories I’ve decided “live to eat, drink, socialize and love” sounds much better – and I intend to make it my new mantra.

Happy Thursday Blushers!

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  • Giana

    Ahhhh! We should all live by: “Be Better Than The Gap”. My life will now only consist of Veuve and Cashmere!

    • haha “veuve and cashmere” – I feel like I need to pin this to my cube.

  • Margie

    YAY….new life mantra sounds pretty good to me!! Let the great memories begin!