October 15, 2015

thursday’s thought

life in blush thursdays thought october 15 2015

I saw this quote the other day as I was catching up on my social feeds and thought how incredibly poetic and bang-on it was.

Comparison has always been the thief of joy so once we realize how most of the ‘life perfection’ portrayed online and in print is usually heavily staged and edited then I believe it frees us to relish in the gorgeous life we have each built for ourselves.

In short, you do you and never question for a second how it measures up against anyone else!

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  • “To compare is to dispair”, huh? I hope many souls out there will read your reminder.
    Speaking of myself, thankfully, I was never really interested in the lives of others, celebrity or neighbour, and having had the crazy chance to look behind so many curtains and to see so many behind-the-scenes during my corporate career, I have now the best BS detector in the world and never worry 🙂 xo Happy Sunday!