July 18, 2013

thursday’s thought

audrey hepburn

I don’t know if my boyfriend’s “living on Spanish time” has finally rubbed off on me, or my personality is just weirdly morphing, but I find I procrastinate – a lot. Plus the heat wave in Toronto isn’t helping to light any fire of motivation under me. (I can’t even begin to describe the level of revolt my hair is in right now).

But having two jobs – my day job and then my night job as a blogger – is certainly teaching me the art of discipline and prioritizing my time. In all honesty though, I really can’t call the work I do as a blogger a job as it’s my passion. I’ve chatted with so many wonderful people about shared interests, and have learned so much that it’s the one thing that truly fuels my creativity each and every day.

Happy ‘thank-god-it’s-almost-Friday’ blushers!


  • Margie

    The fact that she took dance before becoming an actor not only taught her discipline, but gave her the perfect posture which was always so evident in her movies.